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Sue's photos of posters/signs in Indonesia (see attachments). Photos - Ibu Sue
Reading signs; making inferences about health in Indonesia; Giving information in role-play (eg phone conversation) based on signs. site - World Health Organisation (in English)KesehatanAsk students to prepare a list of questions in Indonesian on major health issues in Indonesia. They will need to identify essential key words (lots of ke-an words). They can then take turns to ask and answer questions orally based on site info.
WebsitesPemulung - rubbish collectors; health; hygiene; social action; environment Identify key words, extract information; fill in retrieval chart.
Documentary; video clip. Pemulung - rubbish collectors; health; hygiene; social action; environment Listen for key words; identify issues; respond to oral questions, especially inferential questions (eg. Bagaimana kehidupan pemulung? Bagaimana penampilan pemulung? Apakah pemulung kelihatannya senang atau sedih menurut anda? Isu apa yang dihadapi para pemulung? Usaha apa yang diperlukan untuk memperbaiki keadaannya? )
Ambulans ZigzagIwan Fals songHealth, wealth, and social justiceGap fill activity; discussion on rich/poor, city/country social divides. article on hygiene and foodKesehatan, makanan

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